Aileron Ribs Construct

Drill out starting holes for the trimmer as seen here. The trimmer I used is in top left corner...

Prior to routing, trim the ply as close as you dare WITHOUT touching the template, the slightest mark and it will need repairing. Inset pic shows how 'cloned' the ribs are.


I spent the morning using the templates for the first time. It is best to use a laminate trimmer for routing off the excess of ply from the templates. This can be held in one hand, while you maneuver the rib/template with the other. The ply was held to the template with 2x 5/8 screws, this will of course mark the ribs with a couple of small biggie.

All the aileron ribs for top and bottom wings, blank ribs and tip ribs are now complete.

TIP: If using the router method, be sure to CONSTANTLY blow the workpiece with the air gun - one small gathering of sawdust can stop the bush-guide on the router bit from following the template form.

Today is a special day - this is the very first component I have made for the Skybolt. Hopefully one day I can strike the same pose leaning against a finished airplane!