Well, over the years, I have taken an 'hour here and an hour there', even a couple of hours in ultralights. I have around 130 skydives and a bunch of military jumps from years back, and have had many a pleasurable hour in flight simulators (must be over 2000 hours bye now).

Something I'd always dreamed about since I was a 4 year old kid was flying a plane, gazing up at the gliders at Hope Valley nr Bradwell, Derbyshire, in the UK (yes, I am a Brit) was my first recollection of this passion. I am 42, and have a lovely wife, who thankfully understands (to a point at least!) my passion for the wild blue yonder. At my age, I feel time is not on my side (before you know it, your life has past bye you etc), so coupled with another life-goal of building my own plane, I have decided to take the plunge, and start real flying lessons.

During my quest to find a suitable CFI, I had decided that I didn't want a young 'hour builder' to teach me, I wanted a guy who had 'seen it all' and was a veteran instructor - this criteria was certainly met! Meet Bruce: Bruce, my CFI, is 78 years old, first flew in '43, and without a doubt fits the bill. He is based at Brundage Aviation in Taylor Texas, and we fly a Cessna 150 named N531CP.

First Lesson on Sunday 1st May 05