Upper Wing VII

New metal cutting bandsaw from Harbor Freight...

Ply aileron hinge wells...


The upper wing saga continues. It seems never-ending. Both wings have been tramelled for a while now with their new drag blocks - all is OK.

The tip bow was finish sanded and looks nice. TIP: On the plans, the tip bow profile shows a radius with a kind of French curve look, I replicated this with a lot of hard work, there really is no point - just use a regular round-over router bit set up in a shaper [or in my case, a router bolted inverted to a box with a hole in it].

Both wings were taken outside, flipped over, and set back in the spar bench jigs on opposite sides of the bench, i.e. the left wing is now bottom-up, but sits on the right side of the bench. The good news is, both wings slotted perfectly into the opposing jigs... 'means I have some consistency somewhere! The left aileron well is now complete with 1/32 ply forming the radius in the well. Spar filler strips [with a 1/8 gap each side of each strip to allow for drainage] were then fitted. I removed the spar bench jigs so I had clearance for clearcoating. I clearcoated the left wing under-side [now facing up] to completion [2 coats]. It was then turned over so I could apply clearcoat to the areas I couldn't get to previously.

I am fitting the old type external flying wire brackets because I have SS wires to match that format already. I made a mess of 3 of my brackets which I had acquired in a trade, so I decided to finally go buy myself a metal cutting bandsaw and do some steel cutting. The brackets have now been cut and match drilled. I usually get fittings powder coated, but I want these brackets on now, so I am going to primer them instead today so I can put them to bed tomorrow.

To do: right wing - aileron well, finish sand tip bow, clearcoat.


Fit LE ply to both wings, feather-in the foam tips to the LE ply with Superfil, finally splice the two wings together, fit center section bottom ply, clearcoat, then hang on the wall... phew.

My first steel work!...