2007 Recap

The stage I am at, as at new years eve 2007...

Upper wing shot...


So what did I accomplish in 2007? :

-started and finished the upper wing

-fine tuned all ailerons to fit [nightmare!]

-migrated to a hangar from my backyard shop

-set up the hangar the way I wanted it [more lights/built a second floor for storage]

-completed initial rigging

-finally lit up the torch today and started practice welding

Goals for 2008

-go to Oshkosh

-have the fuselage on gear, acquire engine mount and install, all 4130 primed, and controls working

-plus whatever else I can afford/ fit in

-weld good enough to trust myself beyond tacking.

I once spent 2 years/40 hrs a week as a young man brazing aluminium and brass with oxy/acet, so I am hoping that exposure to very tight unforgiving heat windows [aluminium] will stand me in good stead..we'll see..

First ever view from the cockpit seat!...