Skybolt Builders Manual


If you are building, or contemplating building the Skybolt from Steen Aero Labs, then this manual is a neccessity. It will save you literally hundreds of hours of head scratching, and will help you avoid making those typical first-time builder's mistakes that we all make at one time or another. If someone said to you 'I have something that will take hundreds of hours off your build for $35, you would snatch his hand off!'

Untold hours have been spent in authoring this epic task as a labor of love.

The Manual gives the builder hundreds of tips and guidance. It is available for download in Adobe PDF format, which is a great format for searching & printing hard copies.

The Skybolt Builder's Manual consists of the following chapters:

Table of Contents


Section A


Section B

Ch1. Spar Profiling

Ch1. Drag Wire Holes

Ch1A.T88/ClearCoat Guide

Ch2. Truss Wing Ribs

Ch3. Routed Ribs

Ch4. Table

Ch5. Lower Wing Assembly

Ch6. Upper Wing Assembly

Ch7. Wing Bows

Ch8. Leading Edges

Section C

Ch1. Ailerons

Section D

Ch1. Basic Fuselage

Ch2. Notcher

Section E

Ch1. Vertical Fin & Stabilizer

Ch2. Tail Hinges

Ch2a. Strap Hinges

Ch3. Stabilizer & Elevator

Ch4. Servo Trim Tab

Section F

Ch1. Main Landing Gear

Ch2. Brakes

Ch3. Tailwheel

Ch4. Bungee Tool

Section G

Ch1. Cabane Struts

Ch2. I-Struts

Ch3. Slave Struts

Section H

Ch1. Torque Tube

Ch2. Walk Beam & Reverser

Section I

Ch1. Turtle Deck

Section J

Ch1.Rudder Pedals


Section L

Ch2. Windshields and Canopies

Section M

Ch1. Firewall

Section N

Ch1. Formers & Stringers

Section O

Ch1. Plans Fuel Tank

Ch2. Inverted Tank

Ch3. Smoke System

Section P

Ch1. Rigging

Section T

Ch1. Extra Photos

Section U

Ch1. How-To's

Ch2. How-To's

Section V

Ch1. Engines

Section W


Section X

Ch1. Problem Areas

Section Y

Charts and Graphs

Bend Allowances

Section Z



Materials List


Building something else? This Manual is still very handy to have around : If it is a typical Rag and Tube design like most biplanes, then the same building concepts apply.

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