Upper Aileron II

Hmm...this ply arrived from S&P today - I need to call them I suppose..

Nose ribs glued, clamped and wedged...


There is not much to say about the upper aileron build process, since the lower ailerons were made virtually with the same steps.

Ensure that when you attach the aluminium trailing edges that everything is butted home and that the trailing edge is pressed tight against a straight edge - used a 1x2 nailed to the bench for the whole aileron to clamp against.

Ensure that there is a generous glob of t-88 on the tips of the rib tails, this will fill any void inside the trailing edge extrusion. This is because if there is a gap, and there was movement over time, the fabric, being taught, may try to close this gap causing wrinkles in the fabric.

I have been waiting for the mahogany plywood to arrive from S&P so I could skin the leading edges over thanksgiving weekend. It arrived today, but it sure looks like it is an albino version of mahogany :0| ...looks like birch ply to me.

Aluminium [correct English spelling :0)] trailing edges notched with aviation snips. Later, I drilled little drill stop holes at each corner of a cutout...