The Solo is Booked!


Yet again more crosswind landings, this time I did 8 - all of them were good...even had a couple of greasers. We also performed some slips to landing, these were very interesting! :-|. Making the plane 'dirty' to the airflow sure is a weird feeling...seems to conflict against all that's been taught regarding rudder/aileron control!

I also experienced a simulated engine-out. Without warning, Bruce cut the power a quarter-way down the down-wind leg, this was a good example why he likes to teach close knit was almost as easy as my regular landing routine. Tho to be fair, I wasn't in the middle of nowhere - the location was 'convenient'.

Bruce also told me I am ready FOR THE SOLO. gulp. I have penciled in the big day for August birthday. Hey, may as well make it extra special uh.

I am on 14.2 hours right now, so I am pleased with my performance...tho I honestly never cared if it takes me 25+ hours to solo..there's no rush.