Short Cross-Country


Today we flew to Cameron [T35]. I was late for the lesson, due to a mix up on the times. The winds were rather heavy today. I didn't get a chance to solo again, but I faired much better in the lesson than last time.

I felt today, that I kinda had my 'shit together' - compared to last week at least. Radio procedures were good / situational awareness was good / setting up on downwind was good / carb heat and flaps procedures all fell into place. I was tensing up during finals due to the crosswinds. It was real nice NOT to have any go-arounds!

It never ceases to amaze me how on earth Bruce knows where he is? In central Texas we have flatlands, so is mostly featureless. Looking for way-points is difficult because landmarks are so few and far between. I want to eventually get me a GPS, but I am not in a hurry to purchase one, I suppose because I don't want to rely upon it, but it would be nice to have one tucked away in the flight bag 'just in case'.