Cross Landings/slips


Today's lesson was back to that Bruce was back in the right seat. I had not flown in a couple of weeks due to the last lesson being canceled because of bad weather. we had a nice hefty crosswind today, so we decided to tackle some crosswind landings and throw in a couple of slips.

Slips seem to be pretty tough to learn, but they are of extra interest to me...since I am building a tail-dragger biplane, and the ideal way to land in a front-view obstructive plane like the Steen Skybolt is to slip all the way to landing so one can see.

The slips didn't go too well, but right near the end of the lesson, I did actually start to 'comprehend' what control input was required of me. Rental rates went up this week also...when I started 6 months ago, the rate was $55, it's now at $65 hourly on the Hobbs meter. Still, those prices really cannot be beat in this area. I am now at 21.6 hours, I still cannot believe I have managed to sustain this training continuity.