Solo Pattern Work


Today's flight was a solo around the pattern at Taylor. The winds were calm, and the skies were blue, with not a hint of a cloud in sight. This flight was the first time I had actually noticed that the flight was 'easy'. Meaning, taking off was like driving onto the ramp on the I-35, and the landings were effortless, like parking up at a Walmart parking lot in a semi-tight space [not too tight, yet tight enough to require concentration]. I also noticed that I was scanning the skies constantly for traffic without consciously having to remind myself to do it - nice. My basic flying skills must now be 'clicking' into place it seems.

Today I also witnessed for the first time, a chopper announcing his final on 35, and actually landing like a regular fixed wing airplane on the runway....I always thought they could land wherever they wanted...

I noticed the right toe brake needed bleeding or something. Applying both brakes was pulling to the left, due to the left toe brake biting way ahead of the right brake. This I reported to Bert at Brundage Aviation when I had finished the flight.