Lower Wing Rib Construct

The ribs I have made so far...

Left pic shows rib during sawing out the surplus before routering. Right pic: the finished result with a trim router.


I have been routing out the lower wing ribs. I have been using a 1/2 inch trim router bit. However, after routing the spar apertures, I realized that the radius in the corners was 1/4 inch, this would mean that there would have to be a 1/4 inch radius on the spar edges...something I wasn't keen on doing, due to there being less substance left on the spars than the plan stated. So, I went back and re-routed the spar aperture corners with a 3/16 inch rout bit, thus giving me a much tighter 3/32 radius.

The lower main 'full ribs' are now sanded and basically ready for assembly...whenever that day comes. I made one extra rib as a back up...one never knows...

Regarding the 'less aileron ribs', I have taken the original full rib template, and cut off the tail end. This will now be the template for these ribs. I wasn't keen on cutting up my lovely template, but I wished to keep the same replication for these ribs as the full ribs - what better way than using 80% of the original template?..

Plywood for the upper wings is now on order, along with spruce material for the bow tips and ailerons, which I will be building next. After making the upper ribs and ailerons, I will be tackling the laminated bow tips.

The original full rib template with the tail cut off. The pink shaded area will be removed. Leaving me with the shorter template for the outer ribs.