Upper Aileron IV

Burning the mid night oil...there's going to be a lot of this in the coming months [years?!]

Finally removing the last strips...


The 1/16 ply on this last aileron has been a real tester of my resilience, will it finally stay down? Well in fact it finally did just that. After removing the nailing strips - all was well. So I went ahead and did the final gluing and clamped.

The next night was the moment of truth - nailing strips off...trimmed the ply excess...contour-sanded the leading edge...hand-finished all rough edges with sandpaper...and finally got on the first coat of clearcoat.

With the extended shop, the fuselage even fits and won't get in the way when I build the 25ft bench. This pleases the Laurie my wife, because she now has her garage space back :0)