We focused upon slips to landing today. The wind was in the opposite direction today. I hate it when that happens...i'd been running the slips in my mind the past few days, but I was visualizing left bank/right rudder. Now I had to go the opposite way. Still, all good exposure uh...

I am finding the most difficult part of the slip to be the transition from slip to actually landing....I get kind of confused for a couple of seconds. I need to crack this, because one day I will be landing like this all the time in my tail dragger way down the road.

When I book a lesson, I usually do it immediately after flying, but lately, there always seems to be a couple of new students in the diary hogging the windows I usually go for. So I booked myself in for the next four slots in order to beat em! We also booked in my first cross country at the end of the month! This will be a 3 hour Hobbs time lesson - big money.