Solo in the Archer


This was my first solo in the Piper Archer, and the first in 3-4 months. We first did 3 touch and go's, then Tracey got out at the Temple FBO, commandered a golf cart and made his way to the vicinity of runway 15. This solo was nothing like the first ['stands to reason]. I was dead calm, although I was sweating like a pig in the heat and from focusing heavily on what I was doing.

In the pattern, a couple of times I'd called on the radio 'Taylor traffic' instead of 'Temple traffic'..other wise everything went really well.

It should have been a good day, but I was a little disgruntled when it came time to pay....I was expecting to pay 1 hour for Traceys time. But he charged for another hour for talking over the pre-solo test sheet I'd presented to him when I first arrived. He considered it groundschool. Oh well....the more I think about it, the more I realize his time is money i suppose.