Upper Ribs Complete

A completed upper rib.

Chopping out the radiused corners...


All upper ribs are now complete. Having already done the lower ribs a while back. I found the pace certainly picked up on the upper's. The only difference in building the uppers is that the wings are to be swept back 6.5 degrees. This means I will have to bevel one side of the spar apertures to allow the ribs to rotate 6.5 degrees when they are in position on the spar.

The spar apertures were radiused, due to the nature of routing. So I cut out the surplus in the corners with a very sharp chisel [I know it was sharp..don't ask].

These ribs are now ready for stacking away until a later time - I will be assembling the upper wings after I complete the lowers. This makes better sense, because the lower wings are square with no sweep back. The sweep back factor is then one less factor to cope with while building/learning. This is exactly what I am doing on the ailerons: lower's first.

Da-da! Upper wing rib components ready for moth-balling until assembly...