A Sickly Intro


Weather was good. The pre-flight is rather long-winded, but I am assuming thorough pre-flights could save my life one day.

We taxied onto the numbers at runway 17, and while still coaxing onto the center line, Bruce said 'full power', and before i knew what was happening, we were careering down the runway. I wasn't expecting to be taking off! He kept saying right rudder..right rudder...i could feel his input occasionally on the dual controls, but it sure felt like i was doing 70% of the work! cool.

We performed some straight flight and level stuff, then did some shallow turns, followed by some 30deg turns. There was many thermals, so i started feeling a little queasy after 30 minutes. This was embarrassing, due to the fact that i have a lot of plane time (skydiving). I think he cut the lesson short due to the 'feeling sick' episode, because when we got down, we had only flew .7 of an hour. This was when i learned that billing for the plane was in 10ths. Which turned out to be something like $37.50 for the lesson!

I have been at this stage a few times over the years (intro lesson). Hopefully this time, I am gonna stick at it....