1st Lesson with new CFI


I am now flying out of Temple TX, training in a Piper Archer. This plane has more room and more power. However, the cost is a little higher per hour to rent.

We did some pattern work for this lesson. Normal landings to begin with, then we did some short fields. The lesson lasted 1.4 hours on the hobbs - not what I wanted because I am on a budget and I have planned to fly tommorrow also. As any student pilot knows, every .1 hour on the hobbs bumps up the bill dramatically. I don't mind going over .1 or .2, but .4 was pushing 50%...Tracy said he'd keep an eye on the hobbs meter for future lessons. I suppose it was my own fault, seeing as time in the cockpit is part of cockpit management too.

Tracy said he expects me to get familiair with the Piper asap, and will solo me over the next 2-3 lessons. I plan on taking 1 lesson in the week solo, and 1 at the weekends with Tracy.

I need to start cramming again for my written test. I had crammed a few months back and was achieving 90%+ on practice runs on my laptop. Now I have to re-visit and get back into study.

I like the Piper. I never realized how much the C150 struggled on climb-out until now.

Myself and the Piper...