More Solo Stuff


We did 1 touch and go and a full stop at our home field - Taylor. Then Bruce got out. he just said "do as many as you want". So I did 6 :-). There was a crosswind, so that was really good exposure for me. All the landings went reasonably, except maybe the last one, I was a little high, so I decided to try a 'slip' - and it worked! I touched down about 20 yards past the numbers, instead of potentially half way down (4000' runway tho, so loads of room).

Next week will be interesting....Bruce told me to arrange my own hour slot and book the plane, and simply go fly touch n go's for an hour, or for as long as my money allows rather :-), he wont be anywhere in sight :-|, though I suppose he can't do much when he's sitting on the grass anyways...