Solo Pattern Work


Today's weather was perfect for me. Clear blue skies and a consistent cross wind. I wanted to hone my one-wing-low landings, now I had the chance.

Last night I had started to read the book "The Killing Zone". The book kind of perturbed me. And I was actually nervous during the pre-flight. However, I soon forgot about books and killing zones as I started trundling down the asphalt. As soon as the wheels left the ground I was back in 7th heaven...

It seems I am still having trouble with being too high on final. I had to make two go-arounds! I finally worked out that the cross wind [which I had so wanted] was pushing me toward the runway on downwind - resulting in me having a short base leg, therefore not enough altitude was being lost on this leg. All the landings went pretty well, no greasers, but no thumps either.

I have my first cross-country on Saturday. The original / normal plan was to fly the Taylor-Waco-College Station triangle, but I was trying to work out a way to travel to Baytown, just East of Houston so I could inspect a dismantled Skybolt that I may purchase for salvage. Bruce, my CFI was OK with the suggestion that we could incorporate the cross-country lesson with the inspection trip and kill 2 birds with one stone. Only concern I have is that weather forecasts look gloomy for the weekend - this will probably shoot my cool idea down in flames.