Farm Strip Landings


Well. Today was my shittiest lesson so far. The window latch had broken, so we flew with my window open. The noise completely messed up our radio comms, resulting in a nightmare environment for teaching. To make matters worse, Bruce decided to expose me to cross wind landings on this lesson AT A FARM GRASS STRIP no less..(there were no decent cross winds at our airport). We performed several touch and goes...the experiences of which were not unlike first adolescent sexual encounters: clumsy and poor performance...

Bruce mentioned that many flight schools will not allow students to land on grass strips due to heavy wear on the wheel gear. I have come to realize he has a tendency to try to cover all potential scenarios in his training syllabus that other CFI's won't touch, ie. spin training, tight pattern / engine idle landings, grass strips etc. This approach I think is pretty cool, and I have a feeling that this sort of training exposure is not so forthcoming elsewhere.

I suppose the positive side of this crappy lesson was that I got some exposure to 'extrinsic annoying issues while flying experience' - which has to be a good thing.