Right Wing Done!

The 'extra' wing walk...

A final shot before hanging...


This moment has took a long time coming. The sense of accomplishment is awesome. I know it's only one wing, and it isn't covered, but still, the darn trials and tribulations that went into that thing...

It has been a year since I started the project. At first glance it doesn't seem I did much, but sitting back and thinking about it, I accomplished the following:

- built all ribs for upper and lower wings, and ailerons.

- built all four ailerons.

- made all tip bows and center bow.

- acquired a dismantled '75 Skybolt for salvage.

- media blasted the fuselage and empennage.

- extended the shop.

- insulated the shop and fitted two window AC units.

So not too bad after all.

The port wing should go much quicker because:

- I've learned from mistakes the first time around.

- Every time I needed something like drag wires, plates, hardware, I purchased, fabricated and sprayed for all the wings where possible.

- Jigs like the trammel bar, drag wire drill jig, and I-strut drill jig are already made.

So...on to round 2...

Finally...hung up out of the way...