Back with Bruce


Due to the TSA mess up, I'd not had any instruction it seems like forever. I finally was cleared to go flying with an instructor, so I went up last friday with Bruce. It was a good lesson. We had hefty winds, so Bruce decided to show me how to land on a couple of grass strips, one of them had a full 90 degree crosswind! It must have been close to the planes capabilities, because I kept center line on final with FULL right rudder.

We then went over to another strip, which was basically a field with six traffic cones on it! Bruce explained that it belonged to a buddy of his who was developing it into an air park.

On our way back to Taylor, I mentioned to Bruce that I'd never done steep turns...he didn't believe me tho :-| we then proceeded to do some. Then he decided to show me what 60 degree turns were like, and how you perform them. I felt like a fighter jockey shaking an ME109 off my 'six' :-)

A good lesson with a greaser landing at the end.