People DO Fail


We did touch and goes. It is comforting that tasks that were seemingly difficult do in fact start to become easier...for example, climbing out on takeoff was initially daunting on lessons 1 and 2 (nose is high / fixation on keeping airspeed at 75 knots / radio calls / right rudder / wings level / get the idea), but now things are becoming more automated, allowing me to focus more on what I am doing.

The t&o's went well, except for #2, we ballooned a little due to me flaring to high, and we kinda bounced hard. :0| However, I was getting better the more we did....even had 2 greasers :0) To conclude, I landed 6 of the 8 without control input from Bruce...nice

I spoke to another student afterwards..he had just failed his check-ride - on turns around a point (apparently the old DE had even given him 3 attempts at it)...afterwards Bruce also told me the guy had landed on a runway 14 instead of 17...

['makes mental note:] I need to take a good look at the principles of turning around a point and S-turns :-|