Right Wing VI

Looking like a wing now!

Spar butt fittings & clevis...


I sat the aileron in the well, in its approximate position. Then placed the tip bow and 'eyed' the necessary cutting point of the tip bow at St.112 1/4. The leading and trailing edge of this St rib does have some flex in it due to a small neck at the spar openings, this meant that when dry fitting the bow, I had to ensure that the bow was not pushing the rib ends. I.e.. The trailing edge of the rib where the bow butts to, must be kept square. Otherwise, when the aileron is mounted, the 1/2 inch gap between the aileron and the said rib could end up with a unsightly taper.

The spar butt fittings were epoxy sprayed, then fitted. This is the hardware fitted to the wing. They look good!

Spar butt fittings in place - finally...