Wing Tip Bows II

The setup was placed on a flat floor with weights for 2 weeks in this configuration...

Cheap Shaper: Just a box with my router screwed up underneath...


All the bows were clamped together, a spacer was nailed between the bows to ensure everything stayed at the measurement that I required. All was then left on a flat surface for a couple of weeks while I got on with doing ailerons.

I fashioned an old box into a shaper - mounting the router on the underside. The router bit was 45 deg cutter. I cut off the surplus as near as I could to the profile shown in the plans. Later I will probably fashion some sort of drum sander at an angle to sand off a more acute angle. The rest will be finishing by hand.

All the bows ready for final sanding, which I will leave until they're ready for attaching to the wings.